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Belfast’s Leading Artisan Small-Batch Gin

 We take pure Irish water and add a unique blend of botanicals, three are inspired by our local area and Belfast industrial history. Pink Heather and Rowanberries can be found growing locally on the Cave Hill that overlooks Belfast City and Flaxseed is a tribute to the Linen Industry that played a pivotal role in the social and economic development of Belfast. These botanicals are added to our recipe and hand crafted to produce our premium Belfast Gin. Our label reflects our brand well with strong images of Belfast landmarks and artisans. In addition to our Gin we now also produce our Irish potato Vodka and our Raspberry & Elderflower Gin Liqueur. With more blends currently being developed, we are proud to offer our tribute to the Belfast artisans who made this city what it is today.

Our city. our spirit.

Through the process of buying our distillery equipment we met
Master Distiller Jamie Baxter who now works with us developing our blends and products.

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The name Jamie Baxter is well known within the world of distilling and gin. Jamie has built a career in distillation and designing and building distilleries, with numerous roles as master distiller for some of the UK’s most well-known craft gin brands.

For over a decade Jamie has helped build over 25 distilleries, that’s over 5% of all the distilleries in UK!

We worked under Jamies expert guidance to identify an excellent traditional London Dry recipe but to which we wanted to add our own unique Belfast twist. We take pure Irish water and add the finest locally found botanicals of Pink Heather, Rowanberries and Flaxseed to our recipe and handcraft them to produce our premium Belfast Gin.